Our Patients Smiles Are Our Greatest Pride

“Our mission is to motivate you in your relationship with your teeth and to ensure strength and a long life.”

Miami Beach Dentist: Our Mission

Our office cares about more than filling teeth, solving dental crises and improving smiles. We emphasize creating and maintaining a balanced relationship between biologic, mechanical, functional and esthetic principles. This leads to health, beauty, function and comfort. We accomplish this by incorporating a holistic approach in which patients are treated from an overall long-term health perspective. We are committed to treating the causes of dental disease. This orientation has a different focus from most dental practices. Our emphasis is from a well-being modality rather than just problem solving. It’s not about extreme makeovers, for they’re so often “over makes by extreme”. It’s about being conservative and making sure your teeth last for your lifetime. We strive to realize our patient’s needs with a spirit of sensitivity and reassurance. IN OUR OFFICE IT’S NOT ONLY ABOUT TEETH; IT’S ABOUT HEART.

We Specialize In

Cosmetic dentistry
Dental implant restoration/precision
Implant planning
Teeth whitening (fast in-office one hour)
Veneers, Invisalign
Conventional dentistry (fillings, crowns, bridges)
Professional dental cleanings
Extractions and Emergency dental care

Other Doctors Have Said

“Your passion for dentistry and dedication to excellence is readily apparent”
Steven Berkowitz D.D.S. Periodontist
“Arnie, you have done a wonderful job. The contours of the crowns and veneers look great”
Andrew M. Alpert D.D.S. Periodontist
“Thank you for your painless and perfect restoration of my tooth”.
David Vine D.D.S.
“Thank you… The prosthetic result is absolutely outstanding”
Jeffrey D. Blum D.D.S. Oral Surgeon
“I just need to be sure you know how much I admire and appreciate you for what you have done for me in dentistry”
Dale C. Smith D.D.S.
“Thank you for your kind treatment. The tooth feels great and I truly enjoyed the experience”
Daniel Del Castillo D.M.D.
“You have a great practice and team”
Jeffrey Darlenn C. Ayan D.M.D.
“Once again, I have to congratulate you on the way you managed the deteriorating dentition”
Stephen F. Chase D.D.S.
“Once again I find myself thanking you for such a wonderful job on my tooth. You truly are a great dentist. Thanks for being a perfectionist”
Veronica Sanmartino D.M.D.
“Dentistry in America would be greatly improved if there were more dentists like you doing superior work and sharing what they know with others”
Dale C. Smith D.D.S.
“I admire your dedication to continuing education and your willingness to share. I was impressed by the high quality of work”
B. Lauree Casey D.D.S.
“Your special attention to patient care really impressed me and I really value that quality”
Shmuel Stern D.D.S.
“There are not enough words to express my gratitude towards you for all the help”
Ruth Nakache D.D.S.

Miami Beach Dentist - Arnold F. Rothman, DDS

We take pride in providing you with the latest dental technology and most advanced treatment options available. We want to ensure you receive the best dental care in a warm, comfortable atmosphere. We treat all of our patients like family.